Europe discovers Cordyceps as the Skin-Superfood


In recent weeks, an increasing number of publications on the effects of Cordyceps on the skin and the connective tissue and our Yanwo drinks appear ... so gradually so come (after more than 2,000 years) the knowledge of TCM to right in Europe beauty awareness at;-)

In addition to scientific articles we have articles on our drinks and / or Cordyceps found here:

- Süddeutsche Zeitung (out Yanwo as a recommendation for the bikini figure)
- GALA (Cordyceps as a skin superfood)
- COSMOPOLITAN (Yanwo BEAUTY is Cosmo-crush of the month)
- FREUNDIN (Yanwo in the newsroom tested positive)
- BRIGITTE (Yanwo's Editor's Choice)
- Harpers Bazaar (Yanwo is the beauty elixir of the Stars)
- And a few others.

We put Cordyceps extract in our drinks and of course Yanwo ENERGY BEAUTY a. To give your skin and your connective tissue, the optimal support for a radiant, youthful appearance.

Almost as a "goodie" You will notice the invigorating aphrodisiac effect of Cordyceps. The whole thing is of course supported by Yanwo (Edible Bird's Nest) that the basis of all our drinks from ginseng (in Yanwo ENERGY) and of a rose bud (BEAUTY)

Test it today, and get your own opinion!


A little TCM knowledge:

Exercise and appropriate diet can dissolve water retention. Foods with "warm" or "hot" energy and hot spices warm the body, make him sweat and promote the flushing out of storages. For this one takes z. B. Panax Ginseng and Cordyceps. Both are included sufficiently in our drink Yanwo ENERGY.


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