FAZ reports positive about Cordyceps Sinensis / Yarsagumba

Studies from Stanford University demonstrate the effectiveness of Cordyceps Sinensis. The FAZ reports in detail on our favorite mushroom


2016 01 FAZ Detail Cordyceps

In Tibet this highly effective welfare bringer is not called Cordyceps, but Yarsagumba. Collected and consumed by the Tibetan population for centuries it has written in the past few decades a success story that is unparalleled. The price per kilo is now higher than the current price of gold. Now an increasing number of reputable studies demonstrate the exceptional characteristics and the effectiveness of the medicinal mushroom.
In the nineties the Yarsagumba made his first appearance in the Western world as a highly effective way to improve performance in athletics. Since then, he is thoroughly explored, and there are always more robust trials demonstrating its effect on lung, heart and especially potency and seed production. Among many studies from Asia, the renowned Stanford University stands out in the US.
Studies such as those of Stanford University, in which it was found that regular consumption of Yarsagumba can be detected in the urine and leads to an increased production of male sex hormones, and animal experiments that came to similar conclusions, increased the global demand.
In Europe, the Cordyceps was far to get but only as a powder or capsule. Only Qiyun has the Yanwo X-POWER drinks at a complete copy of the wild Yarsagumba per drink. This product is unique outside of Asia, and rightly our top sellers.
Should you however be "squeamish" to consume this fungus throughout, then pick it back to our drinks Yanwo ENERGY and Yanwo BEAUTY. Both consist - alongside other valuable ingredients such as ginseng, rose and Yanwo - 25% of Cordyceps extract that was grown under clean room conditions from the mycelia of Cordyceps Sinensis genuine.

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