YanWo – Ingredients

Drinks reihe Pure angelehnt mitte MThe treatment methods and ingredients of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are very popular in Asia: 75% of all Chinese people prefer TCM treatment methods and the TCM approach to nutrition over orthodox medicine and artificial food supplements.

TCM attaches particular importance to having not just "the one" active ingredient, for example, an anti-aging ingredient. It is based instead on weighing up from person to person which ingredients are ideal and in which combinations.

We therefore do not offer "the one" perfect YanWo drink, rather we combine ingredients so that everyone can choose the supplement for their diet and lifestyle that is right for them. If, for example, an unblemished, youthful complexion is what is most important to you, we recommend our YanWo BEAUTY drink, which combines the ingredients of rose with both bird’s nest and cordyceps. This formula will help you maintain a radiant, fresh complexion.

If, on the other hand, your life is currently quite challenging and you are looking to reduce stress and prevent burn-out, we suggest that you opt for our YanWo ENERGY drink, which is enriched with ginseng as well as cordyceps and edible bird's nest. Among the qualities ascribed to ginsenoids is a capacity to permanently increase performance levels and to improve the ability to cope with mental stress.

The ingredients we combine are of the highest quality.

But what exactly are the ingredients that go into YanWo drinks, and what qualities are ascribed to them? The answer can be found here.