The Oktoberfest is over – The Wiesn flu is rampant!

The largest festival in the world has closed its doors - and there were peaceful, wonderful days. What's left are good memories and new acquaintances to whom we will remember for a long time.

We had a "Koide (cold) Wiesn" this year ... During the day sunny, but bitterly cold evening. Therefore, many of us have taken something else from the Oktoberfest: The Oktoberfest dreaded flu that record sick leave runs like every year by itself. Therefore, each individual should mobilize its immune system.

For a healthy person with an active immune system provides an Oktoberfest flu is not a life-threatening problem, he defeated the virus within a few days. However, thereafter noticeable fatigue and reduced performance even for 1-2 weeks, and no one wants.

Besides the usual flu preparations in Europe is now fortifying of YanWo drinks that support her body with recipes of TCM, and which do this without any chemicals. (Of course, this does not exempt from a visit to the doctor if the flu is worse!)


So they complicate the virus to work with a boosting your immune system. In order to

- Reducing the risk of infection
- They alleviate the course of the acute illness, if they caught yet
- They speed up the regeneration process


For this purpose, the Managing Director of Qiyun, Oliver Bock:

"To strengthen in the flu season, we recommend the combination of Yanwo, Cordyceps and Rose or ginseng contained in YanWo BEAUTY and YanWo ENERGY. Every morning a YanWo drink ensures due to the contained proteins, calcium and various minerals combined with cordycepin on a strengthened immune system, a balanced Qi and has incidentally thanks to the antioxidants, amino acids and lipids have a significant anti-aging effect. "


YanWo ENERGY Intense


5 Drinks a 50 ml
Produkt EAN 8718868267023

YanWo ENERGY Depot


20 Drinks a 50 ml
Produkt EAN 8718868267122