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GLAMOUR recommends Yanwo to strengthen body’s immune system

Glamour April 2016 In the latest issue of GLAMOUR is a report on mushrooms for Health & Beauty YanWo Drinks with¬†Cordyceps are recommended for strengthening body’s¬†immune system. More information and the article can be found here. ¬† The report ¬† More informations¬†about our drinks ¬† Some more interesting articles ¬† […]

BBC news: Scientists hope caterpillar fungus “Cordyceps” will fight arthritis pain

Scientists are studying the properties of a mushroom that grows on caterpillars to see if it can be used as a painkiller for people with arthritis. Derbyshire-based Arthritis Research UK is funding a ¬£260,000 research study at the University of Nottingham. ¬†The cordiceps fungus is cultivated in China where it […]

FAZ reports positive about Cordyceps Sinensis / Yarsagumba

Studies from Stanford University demonstrate the effectiveness of Cordyceps Sinensis. The FAZ reports in detail on our favorite mushroom ¬† ¬† ¬† In Tibet this highly effective welfare bringer is not called Cordyceps, but Yarsagumba. Collected and consumed by the Tibetan population for centuries it¬†has written in the past few […]

BOBBY BROWN believes in Cordyceps

Even the renowned cosmetics manufacturer BOBBY BROWN has recognized the signs of time …. and relies on the power of TCM. In the new “INTENSIVE SKIN SERUM FOUNDATION SPF 40” is set in addition to other components on the collagen-promoting effect of Cordyceps. In order for this Foundation is the […]