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GLAMOUR recommends Yanwo to strengthen body’s immune system

Glamour April 2016 In the latest issue of GLAMOUR is a report on mushrooms for Health & Beauty YanWo Drinks with¬†Cordyceps are recommended for strengthening body’s¬†immune system. More information and the article can be found here. ¬† The report ¬† More informations¬†about our drinks ¬† Some more interesting articles ¬† […]

FAZ reports positive about Cordyceps Sinensis / Yarsagumba

Studies from Stanford University demonstrate the effectiveness of Cordyceps Sinensis. The FAZ reports in detail on our favorite mushroom ¬† ¬† ¬† In Tibet this highly effective welfare bringer is not called Cordyceps, but Yarsagumba. Collected and consumed by the Tibetan population for centuries it¬†has written in the past few […]

The Oktoberfest is over – The Wiesn flu is rampant!

The largest festival in the world has closed its doors – and there were peaceful, wonderful days. What’s left are good memories and new acquaintances to whom we will remember for a long time. We had a “Koide (cold) Wiesn” this year … During the day sunny, but bitterly cold […]