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GLAMOUR recommends Yanwo to strengthen body’s immune system

Glamour April 2016 In the latest issue of GLAMOUR is a report on mushrooms for Health & Beauty YanWo Drinks with Cordyceps are recommended for strengthening body’s immune system. More information and the article can be found here.   The report   More informations about our drinks   Some more interesting articles   […]

FAZ reports positive about Cordyceps Sinensis / Yarsagumba

Studies from Stanford University demonstrate the effectiveness of Cordyceps Sinensis. The FAZ reports in detail on our favorite mushroom       In Tibet this highly effective welfare bringer is not called Cordyceps, but Yarsagumba. Collected and consumed by the Tibetan population for centuries it has written in the past few […]

The Oktoberfest is over – The Wiesn flu is rampant!

The largest festival in the world has closed its doors – and there were peaceful, wonderful days. What’s left are good memories and new acquaintances to whom we will remember for a long time. We had a “Koide (cold) Wiesn” this year … During the day sunny, but bitterly cold […]

What does the name „QiYun“ mean?

QiYun is a Chinese term formed from two separate words. „Qi“ means energy, breathing, breath and ether as well as temperament, power and atmosphere. Qi also stands for human emotions and, according to the modern strand of Taoist thought, for the activity of the neurohormonal system.   Our Name „QiYun“ […]

Does YanWo produce in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way?

Yes. The harvesting of the raw materials, the production of the drinks and the manner in which they are packaged are all consistent with the principles of sustainability. The boxes in which they are distributed are folded in such a way as to keep the amount of glue they contain […]

How is the quality of QiYun drinks ensured?

The production of QiYun drinks is subject to the highest quality standards, with each batch tested for quality and purity. Before being transported to Europe each consignment is tested and authorised by the relevant Malaysian health authority. Samples are also regularly tested by certified laboratories.

Have YanWo drinks side effects?

Notable side effects are not known. You can take our Qiyun drinks a day to be without adverse side effects. However, you will notice that your vital functions supported, or are stimulated again. Should you nevertheless choose to have unusual symptoms with, please search on a doctor.

Are the birds that produce the nests kept in cages?

Are the birds that produce Yanwo, endangered in their population? No. Our nests are harvested from what are known as bird’s nest houses. These houses are constantly guarded, which ensures the wellbeing of the birds. The birds are at all times free to fly into and out of the houses. […]

What does bird’s nest taste like?

Bird’s nest itself has a neutral flavour. Our QiYun drinks are, however, mildly sweetened with rock sugar.      

Should I ingest the hard-textured ingredients along with the rest of my QiYun drink?

Yes, definitely. According to TCM, these ingredients all have a positive effect. The ginseng slices include, for example: • Many vitamins (A-complex, B1, B2, B12, C and folic acid)• amino acids• Highly active Ginsenoide from the group of saponins• enzymes, peptides, sterols, fatty acids• an extraordinary number of minerals and trace […]

Why accounts for the drinks’ jellylike texture?

    Lower-quality bird’s nest drinks are usually anything from slightly viscous to flaky in texture. The jellylike consistency of QiYun drinks is a sign of their quality. It indicates that they are produced using high-quality bird’s nests. Their jellylike texture is to be savoured.

Over how long a period can I consume QiYun drinks?

  For as long as feels right for you. TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) is based on the principle that the ingestion of certain active ingredients can support the human organism. According to TCM, these should therefore be consumed for preventive purposes. This can involve a regimen lasting a few weeks […]

Can you overdose on YanWo drinks?

The recommended daily maximum limit is one or two drinks. Although higher daily amounts have not been seen to cause appreciable side effects, we nevertheless recommend that you do not exceed the recommended limit.