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Europe discovers Cordyceps as the Skin-Superfood

In recent weeks, an increasing number of publications on the effects of Cordyceps on the skin and the connective tissue and our Yanwo drinks appear … so gradually so come (after more than 2,000 years) the knowledge of TCM to right in Europe beauty awareness at;-) In addition to scientific […]

BOBBY BROWN believes in Cordyceps

Even the renowned cosmetics manufacturer BOBBY BROWN has recognized the signs of time …. and relies on the power of TCM. In the new “INTENSIVE SKIN SERUM FOUNDATION SPF 40” is set in addition to other components on the collagen-promoting effect of Cordyceps. In order for this Foundation is the […]

YanWo Drinks is the Tipp of SZ for your bikini-shape

The Süddeutsche Zeitung recommends Yanwo drinks from Qiyun in the “Wohlfühlen” -essay as one of the 6 top tips for your bikini figure …. because Yanwo drinks are natural source of energy! Thanks for the recommendation to the Wohlfühlen team around Susanne Hermanski. 😉 A little TCM-knowledge: Moving and appropriate diet […]