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Europe discovers Cordyceps as the Skin-Superfood

In recent weeks, an increasing number of publications on the effects of Cordyceps on the skin and the connective tissue and our Yanwo drinks appear … so gradually so come (after more than 2,000 years) the knowledge of TCM to right in Europe beauty awareness at;-) In addition to scientific […]

YanWo Drinks is the Tipp of SZ for your bikini-shape

The Süddeutsche Zeitung recommends Yanwo drinks from Qiyun in the “Wohlfühlen” -essay as one of the 6 top tips for your bikini figure …. because Yanwo drinks are natural source of energy! Thanks for the recommendation to the Wohlfühlen team around Susanne Hermanski. 😉 A little TCM-knowledge: Moving and appropriate diet […]