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GLAMOUR recommends Yanwo to strengthen body’s immune system

Glamour April 2016 In the latest issue of GLAMOUR is a report on mushrooms for Health & Beauty YanWo Drinks with Cordyceps are recommended for strengthening body’s immune system. More information and the article can be found here.   The report   More informations about our drinks   Some more interesting articles   […]

FAZ reports positive about Cordyceps Sinensis / Yarsagumba

Studies from Stanford University demonstrate the effectiveness of Cordyceps Sinensis. The FAZ reports in detail on our favorite mushroom       In Tibet this highly effective welfare bringer is not called Cordyceps, but Yarsagumba. Collected and consumed by the Tibetan population for centuries it has written in the past few […]

“Acupuncture Today” reports about YanWo

How Much Do You Know About the Benefits of Birds Nest?The “Acupuncture Today” published an interesting, very positive article about Yanwo, the Edible Birds Nest. The author highlights in great detail shows the possible uses of this TCM drug, starting with the positive effect on lung function, on the soothing […]

The Oktoberfest is over – The Wiesn flu is rampant!

The largest festival in the world has closed its doors – and there were peaceful, wonderful days. What’s left are good memories and new acquaintances to whom we will remember for a long time. We had a “Koide (cold) Wiesn” this year … During the day sunny, but bitterly cold […]

Europe discovers Cordyceps as the Skin-Superfood

In recent weeks, an increasing number of publications on the effects of Cordyceps on the skin and the connective tissue and our Yanwo drinks appear … so gradually so come (after more than 2,000 years) the knowledge of TCM to right in Europe beauty awareness at;-) In addition to scientific […]

BOBBY BROWN believes in Cordyceps

Even the renowned cosmetics manufacturer BOBBY BROWN has recognized the signs of time …. and relies on the power of TCM. In the new “INTENSIVE SKIN SERUM FOUNDATION SPF 40” is set in addition to other components on the collagen-promoting effect of Cordyceps. In order for this Foundation is the […]

YanWo Drinks is the Tipp of SZ for your bikini-shape

The SĂŒddeutsche Zeitung recommends Yanwo drinks from Qiyun in the “WohlfĂŒhlen” -essay as one of the 6 top tips for your bikini figure …. because Yanwo drinks are natural source of energy! Thanks for the recommendation to the WohlfĂŒhlen team around Susanne Hermanski. 😉 A little TCM-knowledge: Moving and appropriate diet […]

The Mag FREUNDIN recommends YanWo ENERGY

The German FREUNDIN recommends Yanwo ENERGY as a new beauty trends from Hollywood … the ladies & gentlemen of the Burda publishing house are really experts !! The article   YanWo ENERGY Intense59,00 € 5 Drinks a 50 ml Produkt EAN 8718868267023 Add to cart SKU: 6702 Category: YanWo Intense Tags: Anti-Age, birds […]

What does bird’s nest taste like?

Bird’s nest itself has a neutral flavour. Our QiYun drinks are, however, mildly sweetened with rock sugar.