TCM Lifestyle – Manage your wellbeing

Drinks reihe Pure angelehnt mitte MAn overview of the Asian lifestyle based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), compiled by the Qiyun team


In our increasingly consumerist world ever more people are seeking to achieve a healthy lifestyle and are paying attention to what their body is telling them.

This requires knowing your body and sensing any changes in it at an early stage.

Once you are attuned to your body you will be able to detect signs of change as they first appear. You will then be more ready to react to them before they can grow into more serious problems.

There are, furthermore, steps you can take to help your body ward off ailments before they have a chance to take hold. This is true both for short-term illnesses and for ailments that could become chronic.

For how your body goes about dealing with imbalances and illnesses and the extent to which it is capable of doing so lie ultimately in your own hands.

Traditional Chinese medicine, usually shortened to TCM, can help you with this.