YanWo – Healthy ageing

Feeling old?



Healthy ageing

Ageing affects every part of our body. There is no elixir of youth that can stop the process of ageing. TCM can, however, aid in slowing it down, thereby helping us age gracefully.

According to Huang Di Nei Jing (The Yellow Emperor's Inner Canon), a woman will begin to show the initial signs of ageing at the age of 35. At 42 further signs of ageing will become apparent, such as loose skin and grey hair.

In men the first signs of ageing appear at the age of 40, when the functioning of the kidney starts to deteriorate. Hair loss and problems with loose teeth can also appear at this age.

TCM takes a functional view of ageing. It views ageing as due mainly to the degeneration of the body’s organs, the exhaustion in our body of basic substances such as qi, jing, the bodily fluids and shen (spirit), and the accumulation of metabolic waste.



Tips for slowing the process of ageing

Ageing is inevitable. Yet with proper treatment, healthy eating and lifestyle changes the external signs of ageing can be minimised. To keep the skin looking youthful, we need to feed the heart, spleen and lungs.

The following can help you maintain youthful-looking skin:

- Edible Birdsnest ( Yanwo)
- Ginseng ( Renshen)
- Ganoderma mushrooms ( Lingzhi)
- Rote dates ( Hongzao)



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Hair loss

To prevent hair loss and greying, you need to revitalise the kidneys and the liver. Common herbs used to treat hair loss and greying include:

- Cordyceps (Dongcongxiacao)
- Edible Birdsnest ( Yanwo)
- Glossy privet fruit (Nvzhenzi)
- Fleece flower root (Heshouwu)
- Black sesame seeds (Heizima)





Liver & Kidney

To prevent liver- and kidney-related signs of ageing QiYun_Lifestyle_Vitality_Leistung_X-Powersuch as blurred vision, loss of hearing, grey hair, stiff joints and an overall loss of vigour, you need to enliven these two organs. For this TCM suggests consuming the following:

- Cordyceps ( Dongcongxiacao)
- Chinese yam (Huaishan)
- Solomon’s seal rhizome (Yuzhu)



Power& alertness

To maintain your alertness of mind you need to feed your heart, invigorate your spleen, and calm your liver. For this TCM suggests consuming the following:

- Edible Birdsnest ( Yanwo)
- Chinese dates (Dazao)
- Poria (Fuling)
- Thinleaf milkwort root (Yuanzhi)