Manage your VITALITY

QiYun_Energy_GinsengAccording to TCM theory vitality depends on three components. These are jing (essence), qi (vital energy) and shen (spirit), which together are known as the “three treasures“ of the body.

These are the three elements of an organism. Jing, qi and shen are also associated with dantien (“energy centres”) and are related to the regions of the underbelly, chest and brain.

Jing is the substance that creates life. In terms of the intellect it is connected with creativity, of the material world with sexuality.

Qi is general life energy or the energy of the spirit.

Shen refers to the mental activities that govern the body. These three treasures interact with one another to keep our body in its natural balance.

If all three treasures are abundant and in balance, the body will be vital and healthy.


Now we will look at some of the disharmonies that can be caused by a lack of jing, qi or shen. Some tips will also be provided on how to increase your vitality.