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We live in an age of food supplements. Life is faster and more demanding than ever. And people are living longer - but nobody wants to look or feel old.

Everyone wants to stay as healthy, wrinkle-free and productive as they can.

To remain youthful, our bodies need a range of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. If it does not receive these, the negative effects spread throughout the body - not least as unwelcome signs of aging or as fatigue and tiredness. Such a lack can even help cause burnout.

These symptoms are much more prevalent in the Western world than in Asia. To counteract them it therefore pays to look at the food supplements used in far eastern nutrition, namely in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

What do modern dietary supplements have to do with Traditional Chinese Medicine?


For millennia TCM has been based on the idea of prevention – the measure of the quality of medical care is not the number of successfully treated patients, rather the number of people who do not succumb to disease in the first place. But how is such prevention achieved?

The answer is that points to preventive measures that have been common in China – but not in Europe - for millennia. These include the targeted use of dietary supplements, as in TCM. The measures that TCM gives us stood the test of time, and they are one of a kind globally.

The active components used in TCM are now available also in Europe. They form the basis for our Qiyun power and wellness drinks with additional anti-aging benefits.



The ingredients in detail

YanWo, cordyceps, ginseng and rose. Each ingredient in our Qiyun drinks has special qualities and a long history of use in TCM.

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The YanWo anti-age and power drinks from QiYun

We have selected the most effective active components from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for you, adapted the composition of our drinks for western preferences and combined the ingredients in such a way that they reinforce one another.

We have, on principle, not included any artificial ingredients in our drinks.

Our view is that nature provides us with enough highly effective substances already. These may be expensive, often because they are cultivated or harvested by hand. But the use of artificial additives would go against our understanding of quality.



QiYun offers four extremely effective formulations

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