YanWo BEAUTY – The beauty elixir with the power of rose

YanWo (Edible bird’s nest) and cordyceps extract fortified with a genuine rosebud, the beauty booster used by royalty since antiquity.

Rosebuds have many positive qualities: with their concentrated payload of active substances they are one of the most effective promoters of beautiful skin. Science has hardly begun to unravel the secrets of the substances it contains.

Roses contain, among other things, citronell, geraniol, nerol, ethanol and linalool, various antioxidants, numerous types of vitamin (A, B5, E, F and C) and valuable trace elements. They trigger and heighten the activity of the mitochondria, the energy centres of our skin cells, and thereby speed up the skin regeneration process.

Combining the skin-firming properties of YanWo and the revitalising effect of cordyceps, the ingredients of QiYun Beauty are the Asian key to a glowing complexion and taut, youthful-looking skin.



Modern Cosmetics uses Cordyceps

The benefits of Cordyceps Sinensis and Cordyceps extract has recently been recognized and appreciated also in the Western world.

For example, Bobby Brown has just launched its "Intensive Skin Serum" on the market that - as we - uses the collagen-promoting properties of Cordyceps.

Take advantage of the findings of the 1000 year history of TCM in Asian culture and indulge in the harmonizing and strengthening effect our Yanwo BEAUTY Drinks!


Ingredients of each drink:

• YanWo (edible Bird's nest)

• 1 rose knob
• 25% Cordyceps extract
• Rock Sugar (max 20 kcal each Drink)
• Water

Laboratory tested: no artificial additives

Active ingredients:

• proteins
• calcium, potassium
• Other minerals
• cordycepin (Nucleotide)
• ergosterol
• stones
• polysaccharides
• Essential oils
• anthocyanins
• tannins
• geraniol
• saponins


What should you take into account when consuming YanWo Drinks?

We recommend that you consume at least five drinks a week, ideally before breakfast. Ingest the hard-textured ingredients along with the rest of your YanWo drink. According to TCM, it has a positive effect.

To achieve a more intense effect you can raise the amount you drink to a maximum of two drinks per day, one in the morning and one in the evening, for four weeks. 



YanWo BEAUTY Intense


5 Drinks a 50 ml
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YanWo BEAUTY Depot


20 Drinks a 50 ml
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