YanWo ENERGY – Relax your mind

YanWo (edible Bird’s nest) and cordyceps extract fortified with ginseng, the Asian food for the brain.

Ginseng is an adaptogen and a pick-me-up. Various studies have shown that ginseng increases the body’s ability to cope with stress and to ward off illness, that it counteracts feelings of tiredness, weakness and exhaustion, and that it significantly improves concentration, memory, receptiveness to new information and the general ability to perform.

The main active ingredients, namely ginsenoids, combine perfectly with the fortifying effect of cordyceps and bird’s nest. This combination is used in TCM to relieve the symptoms of stress and to improve the general ability to perform over the long term.

QiYun Energy is therefore your ideal performance booster if you constantly have to deal with physical and mental stress and find yourself pushed to your limits on a daily basis.


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Ingredients of each drink:

• YanWo (edible Bird's nest)
• 1-2 slices of Ginseng
• 25% Cordyceps Extrakt
• Rock Sugar (max. 20 kcal each Drink)
• Water

Laboratory tested: no artificial additives


Active ingredients:

• proteins
• calcium
• potassium, other minerals
• cordycepin (potent nucleoside)
• ergosterol
• sterols
• polysaccharides
• highly active ginsenosides from the group of saponins
• vitamins (A-complex, B1, B2, B12, C and folic acid)
• amino acids, enzymes, peptides
• sterols
• trace elements
• essential oils
• selenium
• germanium

What should you take into account when consuming YanWo Drinks?

We recommend that you consume at least five drinks a week, ideally before breakfast. Ingest the hard-textured ingredients along with the rest of your YanWo drink. According to TCM, it has a positive effect.

To achieve a more intense effect you can raise the amount you drink to a maximum of two drinks per day, one in the morning and one in the evening, for four weeks. 



YanWo ENERGY Intense


5 Drinks a 50 ml
Produkt EAN 8718868267023

YanWo ENERGY Depot


20 Drinks a 50 ml
Produkt EAN 8718868267122


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