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Edible bird’s nest, concentrated and in its purest form. Pure bird’s nest drinks like YanWo PURE have been popular and widely available in Asia at different levels of quality since the early 1990s.

QiYun_Lifestyle_Vitality_Schlaf_PureThe main ingredients are various types of protein, calcium, potassium and other minerals. These components are of course available in other foods and nutritional supplements, but it is believed that their unique combination and purity in edible bird’s nest leads to synergies that help support the immune system.

It is said that regular consumption has a purifying and fortifying effect and that it boosts the female and male libido. There are no known significant side effects.


Edible bird’s nest is used in TCM to harmonise qi and thereby to promote a longer, more balanced life.

Benefit from the knowledge gained from 1,000 years of use of bird’s nest in Asian culture and treat yourself to the harmonising and fortifying effects of our QiYun Pure drink.


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Ingredients of each drink:

• YanWo (edible Bird's nest, concentrated)
• Rock Sugar (max. 20 kcal each Drink)
• Water

Laboratory tested: no artificial additives

Active ingredients:

• proteins
• calcium
• potassium
• other minerals

Clinical studies show that Yanwo (edible bird nest, the basis of all of our drinks) naturally supports your body's defenses and optimize regeneration phases.

What should you take into account when consuming YanWo Drinks?

We recommend that you consume at least five drinks a week, ideally before breakfast. Ingest the hard-textured ingredients along with the rest of your YanWo drink. According to TCM, it has a positive effect.

To achieve a more intense effect you can raise the amount you drink to a maximum of two drinks per day, one in the morning and one in the evening, for four weeks. 


YanWo PURE Intense


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YanWo PURE Depot


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