YanWo X-POWER, for infinite energy with Cordyceps Sinensis (1 each drink)

Performance enhancement the Tibetan way – Bird’s nest combined with a high-quality cordyceps sinensis plant.

QiYun_Lifestyle_Vitality_Leistung_X-PowerCordyceps sinensis, also known as Tibetan caterpillar fungus, is a freak of nature that grows only in the Tibetan highlands. It cannot be cultivated and fetches prices of up to 35,000 per kilo. This places it among the most expensive foodstuffs in the world. But why?

QiYun_Cordyceps_GetrocknetIts nickname of “the viagra of Tibet” points to only one aspect of its alleged properties, albeit a major aspect, since its aphrodisiac effect is said to be powerful for both men and women. Another aspect is its alleged ability to fortify the inner organs, especially the lungs, kidneys and heart.

It is said to optimise the entire body’s ability to perform and is therefore keenly sought after by elite sportsmen and -women. At the world championships in Stuttgart in 1993 Chinese athletes broke five world records and ascribed this result in part to a regimen involving cordyceps. Two of the records (over 1,500 and 10,000 metres) stand to this day.

No side effects have ever been reported despite its consumption over hundreds of years.

For these reasons it forms the perfect complement to edible bird’s nest in our YanWo X-POWER Drink. Use it as an energy booster when looking to achieve your best in sport.


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Ingredients of each drink:

• YanWo (edible Bird's nest)
• 1 pcs. Cordyceps Sinensis in each Drink
• Rock Sugar (max. 20 kcal each Drink)
• Water

Laboratory tested: no artificial additives

Active ingredients:

• proteins
• Calcium
• Potassium
• other minerals
• cordycepin (highly effective nucleotide derivatives)
• ergosterol
• stones
• polysaccharides

What should you take into account when consuming YanWo Drinks?

We recommend that you consume at least five drinks a week, ideally before breakfast. Ingest the hard-textured ingredients (the Cordyceps Sinensis) along with the rest of your YanWo drink. According to TCM, it has a positive effect.

To achieve a more intense effect you can raise the amount you drink to a maximum of two drinks per day, one in the morning and one in the evening, for four weeks. 



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